Crazy Lawsuit Alert: Woman Sues Over Rihanna’s Lipstick, Claims it Gave Her STI

Spencer Cain

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Well, this is a doozy. We’ve seen some bizarre lawsuits and desperate quests for cash in our day, but nothing quite tops this. According to TMZ, a woman is targeting MAC Cosmetics over RiRi Woo, the chic red lipstick endorsed by Rihanna. The reason? She claims it gave her Herpes. Yes, you read that correctly.

Allow us to explain: Apparently, a woman named Starkeema Greenidge attended a performance of Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour last month in Brooklyn when she was approached by a MAC rep who was distributing samples of RiRi Woo. Greenidge claims that the woman aggressively applied the lipstick to her upper lip and informed her that she should “spread it around.”

Allegedly, spreading RiRi Woo around didn’t just give her a bold lip—it gave her a permanent Sexually Transmitted Infection since it had been applied to someone else before her who was infected with the disease. “My whole lip was irritated and hugely swollen,” she stated. She’s seeking damages from MAC, and saying that they should have applied the lipstick through disposable samples and not reused them. While we can’t technically confirm that this is false, it seems that she’s simply looking for a scapegoat after getting herself in a sticky situation.

Our guess is that this case will be thrown out of court within days. In the meantime, we’ll still be rocking RiRi Woo!

What do you think of the lawsuit?

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