Rihanna Inspired This Mesmerizing Smoky Eye

Wendy Rodewald
Jeremy Scott SS '13 makeup by Kabuki

Makeup artist Kabuki reimagined the smoky eye he gave Rihanna for this look at Jeremy Scott’s spring show. (P.S. Doesn’t the model on the left kind of look like Rihanna?) Photo: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

It turns out that one of our favorite makeup looks from New York Fashion Week was inspired by one of our favorite beauty chameleons: Rihanna. Backstage at Jeremy Scott‘s “Arabian chic” spring/summer 2013 show, makeup artist Kabuki told us, “I did Rihanna’s makeup for a couple videos—it was sort of that Arabian theme —and they were playing her music at the [makeup] test, so I think I was a little bit influenced.” (You can see Kabuki’s work in the videos for “Where Have You Been?” and “Princess of China“—gorgeous, no?)

What we loved most about this look was the dimension that Kabuki created by using a variety of shades—and the way he articulated the technique: “Eyeshadows are layered one on top of the other, giving the effect that colors are going in and our of focus, like a mirage in the desert.” It’s all so picturesque!

Take a closer look at this model’s lids…

Jeremy Scott SS '13 makeup by Kabuki

Photo: Luca Cannonieri/GoRunway.com

See the dark brown-gray base color, with the metallic blue in the center? There’s also gold shadow in the inner corner with the teensiest bit of glitter. According to Kabuki, all of this opens up the eye. “It’s good because you can get that large shape and that exotic effect, but it doesn’t become gothic or heavy.”

Kabuki used all M.A.C. products to create the look. One formula you won’t find here? Cream shadow. “I’m using lots of pencils. When I do a smoky eye, quite a lot of the time I’ll use a pencil and I’ll blend it out, as a base, and I’ll go over that with eye shadow. It’s a way of keeping that powdery feeling but also giving the shadow something to grab onto,” he explained. “If you’re using a cream, it starts to get messy. With a pencil it gives you almost like a chalk pastel effect.”

Would you try this seriously smoky eye for a Saturday night out? Or would you tone it down for real life?

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