News: Rihanna’s Beauty Brand Aspirations; Lady Gaga Has a New Fragrance

Rachel Krause
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Nobody has a better chance at world domination right now than Rihanna, who, as it turns out, has been trademarking beauty terms left and right should she decide to start her own beauty company. Oh, the possibilities! [Beauty High]

Keep your eyes peeled for Lady Gaga‘s second fragrance, Eau de Gaga, to hit stores in the very near future. Gaga described the fragrance as “an extremely sexy and arousing smell for all genders.” [Allure]

We don’t condone the at-home haircut, but Tori Spelling actually did a pretty good job! [PopSugar Beauty]

We have nothing but respect and admiration for this writer, who documented the trials and tribulations of doing her own wedding makeup. [People]

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