“Revenge” Star Christa B. Allen Models Holiday Hairstyles, Spills Secret to Great Brows

“Revenge” Star Christa B. Allen Models Holiday Hairstyles, Spills Secret to Great Brows
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After two action-packed seasons, ABC’s “Revenge” has quickly become a must-watch for everyone from the fashion-obsessed who love the show’s always trendy style to our parents who can’t get enough of the drama week after week. Maybe it’s our desire to follow leading lady Emily Thorne on her mission to avenge her father’s untimely death, or maybe it’s our love-hate relationship with the Hamptons’ most dangerous (and fabulous) family, the Graysons—either way, it’s safe to say that we’re hooked.

One of the show’s break-out stars is Christa B. Allen, who stars as Charlotte Grayson – the ever-so-complicated youngest member of the Grayson clan – who has won over fans with her troubled (yet endearing) character, always on-point style and naturally flawless beauty look.

Her natural beauty—not to mention her killer brows—make her a fantastic candidate to model the season’s most striking holiday beauty looks. On shoot day, Allen arrived promptly to set, greeting everyone with hugs and a smile (in a killer crop top we might add) and quickly requested a traditional New York City pizza, since it was her first time visiting the Big Apple. Obviously, a girl who can rock a crop top while eating a pizza pie is a girl we can get behind!

Here, Allen sports some of this season’s hottest hairstyles for the holidays, from glam Old Hollywood curls to a faux bob—with makeup to match. We chatted with the starlet about her brow grooming techniques (she uses a toothbrush!), her worst beauty faux pas, and who she hopes her character will soon be dating.

Beauty High: Being on a show, we’re sure you spend a lot of time in hair and makeup. What are some tricks you’ve picked up along the way?
Christa B. Allen: Individual lashes are the only way. They’re the most natural thing, and even just wearing a couple of them completely changes your look. What else? I never go out without doing something to my eyebrows. Sometimes if i don’t have anything I’ll just use my hand and like a toothbrush just to brush them if I don’t have an eyebrow brush.

That’s clever! For your every day routine, what are the products you always keep with you?
I always, always have my Smith’s Rosebud Balm. It’s incredible. I have to have soft lips. I carry my tweezers with me because a stray hair will drive me crazy, although I probably have a couple today because I was exhausted this morning. But I always have my tweezers.

We’ve all made some beauty mistakes. Have you ever had a hair or beauty faux pas that you kind of regret now?
I did the worst thing in the world after a really miserable breakup. I decided to change my look, and I wanted to go blonde but after one process I decided that I wasn’t blonde enough, so I did it again, and then I decided that it didn’t work blonde so I died it back brunette. So three processes within a couple of weeks, and my hair literally just melted away. I had a cotton ball head. It was like you can’t even brush through the hair because it was all sort of melted. I ended up cutting it quite short, so now it’s finally growing back. It takes awhile. You really have to take care of your hair and pay attention to how much chemical you’re putting on it.

With the holidays coming up, what’s your go-to look for a holiday party or holiday event with friends or family?
Gold sparkle on the eyelid is sort of my signature. I love Dior’s and I love Chanel’s gold sparkles. I use sparkly eye shadow, but in the same color family as my skin tone—just with a really good sparkle. And of course a good red lip, but I tend to try to keep it pretty natural most of the time anyway.

On “Revenge,” obviously your character Charlotte has been through a lot. Is there anything that you hope she’ll experience in the future? I think the show’s been really good at exploring issues that a lot of teens face. Is there something coming up or something that you want her to go through?
There’s this whole story line sort of in limbo where it’s going to come out that Emily, the woman we know as Emily Thorne, Emily VanCamp, is actually Charlotte’s sister. At this point Charlotte thinks it’s some random girl. So once that comes out, comes to light, I hope that Charlotte will dive more into David Clarke’s past, her father’s past, and know more about the story—same as Emily does. It would be really interesting to see Charlotte team up with Emily and perhaps do a little investigative work for herself.

Have you found yourself relating to your character at all?
Thank God no, there’s not a lot of murder … I grew up so completely different than Charlotte is now, which is kind of a blessing. I grew up relatively normal. I’m glad I don’t have to go through what Charlotte has to go through.

We noticed that you’ve actually played a younger Jennifer Garner twice in “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” and “Thirteen Going on 30.” How did you kind of fall into doing that again a couple years later?
“Thirteen Going on 30” was kind of a natural thing because I was just as awkward as my character, so that happened serendipitously. And then I guess when Jennifer was doing “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” they couldn’t find anybody that they liked to play the younger her, so they asked Jen herself, and she said “Well call Christa, she’s done it before, she can do it again.”

Ha, love it!  Now, back to Charlotte … Do you think there are any new boys in her future? Do you think she and Declan will be able to work it out?
Declan’s always going to be on the radar because he’s her first love, but I really hope Charlotte finds a bad boy. He’s so well-behaved. I mean, he is robbing houses and stuff now, but he’s a good boy at heart. I want Charlotte to find a true bad boy and get into some more trouble.

That’s awesome. And finally, what is a beauty trend that you’re most excited to try? We’ve seen a lot of people experiment with multi-colored lips lately—would you ever try that out?
The ombre lip. Is that what you’re talking about? That’s actually probably what I would have said with like the dark outside and more of a berry inside. I’d like to give that a go at some point.

Photographer: Justin Marquis
Hair: Brian Magallones, Exclusive Artists
Makeup: Gita Bass, Exclusive Artists
Stylist: Dawnn Lee Mitchell
Design Editor: Rolando Robinson
Editorial Director: Marni Golden

Beauty Director: Rachel Adler

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