How to Return to Your Natural Hair Color

Shannon Farrell
Photos: Getty ImagesReese recently returned back to her natural blonde hue after a short stint as a brunette.

Photos: Getty Images
Reese recently returned to her natural blonde hue after a short stint as a brunette.

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Q: What’s the best way to return to your natural hair color?

A: Hair grows around half an inch per month, so depending on how long your cut is, you’ll have to wait a couple years before color grows out on its own. But you can speed up the process of returning to your original hue with a trip to the salon. “To return to your natural color, a color remover is necessary,” says colorist Shannon Silva of Dyer + Posta salon (a Marie Robinson affiliate) in Atlanta. “Then color the hair back to your natural color at the roots where you have regrowth.”

“If you’re blonde going back to brunette, use a color very similar to your natural in tone and depth, and fill the ends with a gold or medium brown filler, always adding warmth into the ends so the color doesn’t turn muddy. Adding pigment helps preserve the color longer.”

“If you’re a brunette going back to a natural blonde, highlighting can be a good way to get back to a natural look with minimal damage.”

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