Beauty Score Card: Remington Big & Bouncy Styler

Megan Segura


As much as I love the way blowouts make my hair look, it is impossible for me to replicate the effect on my own. No matter how hard I try, my hair never looks quite as full and voluminous as it does when I leave the salon. That’s why the Remington Big & Bouncy Styler ($27.99, piqued my interest: It combines a blow dryer with velcro rollers, so you get volume even when you can’t wield your brush and blow dryer at the same time. Here’s how the product actually fared in real life:

Concept: A+
When you’ve seen 50 variations of the same exact product (Hair texturizing spray, anyone? I have 50 on my desk), it all starts to blend together. This was a product that actually seemed interesting because it was different. Not only is it a surprisingly slim blow dryer, but it uses a classic styling tool—velcro rollers—in a new, exciting way.

Clarity: F
When introducing a new product, particularly one that is unlike other products on the market, it’s important to have easy-to-follow instructions. I had no idea how to actually use the Styler until I ran across this video. The directions don’t mention that you can use the dryer on its own, which the video illustrates as a must. The directions also didn’t tell me how to secure the velcro rollers to the rod attachment so they don’t slide around, which would have been a big help during my first test drive of the product. Note to future Styler operators: It’s all in the release handle.

Ease of Use: A-
Once you know what you’re doing, the Styler is actually very easy to use. My only complaint is that it’s difficult to get to the button that turns on the dryer when you are putting in a velcro roller at the same time. It takes a little bit of practice to get the whole thing down.

Finished Result: B-
While the Styler did give me much needed volume at the top of my head, it’s hardly life changing. The model in the product’s video came out with gorgeous, polished hair (big surprise), but it’s hardly an accurate representation of what your hair will look like. If you have frizzy hair, your hair will still be frizzy after you use the Styler, but if you have flat, lifeless hair, you might just be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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