Quick Tips To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Shannon Farrell
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As Earth Day approaches this Sunday, we’ve been thinking about how we can make a difference in our daily routines. Here are some tips we’ve gathered from beauty experts on what we can do to protect mother nature.

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Recycle Your Bathroom Products
“While 71 percent of consumers in the U.S. recycle cans, bottles and jars in general, only 44 percent say they recycle most things in the bathroom,” Gillian Briggs, Ph.D., a Sustainable Innovation Scientist from P&G Beauty & Grooming, told us. So many of us have recycling bins in our kitchens but don’t think to place another in our bathroom. Have fun with it and get a cool bin to match your d├ęcor.

Reduce Your Footprint
An easy way to reduce your footprint is to purchase products with containers from renewable sources such as Garnier and Pureology. Surprisingly, most of our carbon footprint is the energy used to heat water that you use for rinsing your shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Briggs says it accounts for over 90% of the footprint! Cutting your shower time in half could make a huge difference!

2-Minute Shower
According to Soap & Glory, the average shower uses 2.51 gallons of water per minute. Here’s how you can save precious gallons with a 2-minute rinse!

Step 1: Let your water warm up for 40 seconds, rinse yourself all over and turn the tap off.

Step 2: Scrub a handful of shampoo over your hair and then cover your body with shower gel. Rinse for 40 seconds and turn the tap off again.

Step 3: Massage your hair conditioner throughout your hair, rinse for 40 seconds, turn the tap off and you’re set!

Do you think you could do a 2-minute shower?

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