Redheads Light Up The Red Carpet


Susan Sarandon’s rich red hair looks sophisticated but energetic. Rumer Willis turns heads with a new cool red hair cool. Amy Adams golden red is gorgeous. Credits l to r: Vince Bucci/, Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd., Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

Oh My Goodness!!! I LOVE award season!!! This time of year is so inspiring for me. It’s great to see all of Hollywood’s royalty donning their best in fashion and beauty. It’s also fun to to watch my industry friends showcase their work on our celebrity clients. For each award show I always have the gay New York City hair colorist’s equivalent to a Super Bowl party. Sunday night’s started promptly at 6:00 for the red carpet fabulousness with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. I personally took a moment of silence respecting the absence of Joan and Melissa Rivers – I still haven’t recovered and, as far as I’m concerned, the red carpet will never be the same.

After the first couple of blond starlets crossed the carpets, I was suddenly struck by Rumer Willis and her new red hair. I thought it was exciting and inspiring to see a young woman take a risk like that at such a big event. As the evening went on, I was captivated by all of the gorgeous red heads! Of course there were the women we know and love as red haired goddesses – Debra Messing (who looked exceptionally lovely with the help of Ted Gibson before the event) and Susan Sarandon (the ageless icon). I loved seeing Amy Adams turn back to red after her blond stint. Evan Rachel Wood was devastating with her coppery color and Christina Hendricks was absolutely a head turner looking like a true siren!

During an economic time that has a lot of us making more conservative choices, it is really fun to see women not being afraid to go bold and to be expressive when it comes to their hair color. I think its fantastic – What do you think?

LMK – Jason

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