Red Lipstick: 9 Tubes Get Put to the Test

Megan McIntyre

Our pals at StyleCaster gave us the run-down on the best red lipsticks. Which red is your absolute favorite?

Red Lipstick: 9 Tubes Get Put to the Test

I Love Lucy. Marilyn. Madonna. Gwen. Throughout history, America’s sexiest celebrities
haven’t often been seen without their luscious red lips. However, the
color dates back to 1870 when Guerlain made it available to the public
with the first bullet-shaped stick and named it “Ne m’oubliez pas,”
meaning: “dont forget me.” Never before has a beauty product made so
much money as this iconic cosmetic. Madonna
claimed my favorite, MAC’s Russian Red as her top pick and it instantly
sold out and continues to fly off shelves today. Plus, it is a quick
pick me up for any complexion, gives the illusion of whiter teath, and
makes a strong and seductive statement of female empowerment. My
glamorous friend, Ayesha introduced me to MAC’s Russian Red in the late
1990s and I’ve been an avid wear-er ever since. I figured since it was
a new decade, I would venture out in an attempt to see if any other
red-hued lipsticks trump my much loved MAC.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in Red Stockings, $25.50, at
For every ad I see of this Dior
Ultra-Gloss, I dream about what my lips would look like all drippy and
sinewy and glossy. Then I wore this for a few hours and all I got was
goop. Seriously. It’s a steep price for an item that bleeds quickly and
looks like a hot mess.

Silky Sensual Radiant Color in Red Muse, $34, at
added a great big pop of color to my lips but disappeared before the
hour was up and stained my hands terribly going on. Applying red lips
is not a simple task, but it shouldn’t leave you looking like you
committed some horrible act of murder. This product gives new meaning
to being ‘caught red-handed.’

Laura Mercier Hydratint in Crimson, $20, at
this is more of a tint and not so much of a lipstick, it doesn’t have
the same dramatic effect as a creme. That said, it leaves a nice sheer
stain. It’s perfect for daytime and hydrating the lips to boot. You can
always count on a Mercier cosmetic — this crimson hydratint included.

Stila Long Wear Lipstick in Lover, $20, at
the name; wanted to love the product. It went on smooth and came on as
strong as a couple of cocktails. That said, it quickly became cakey and
dry. After a while, my lips felt like wood. Not sexy when you want to
get it on with your own lover.

NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Red Lizard, $24, at
far as I’m concerned, along with many other consumers, makeup artists,
and style experts, NARS is the leader in cosmetics. This particular
stick even got industry recognition as a “Best Seller.” It is a
semi-matte, so it does add a touch of moisture to your lips allowing
them to remain kissable and ‘done.’ It’s also the chosen brand of the
red carpet, so I say — trust it.

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Underage Red, $18, at
am in awe of Miss Kat Von D. Girl got her own television show, got
hooked up with hard rocker Nikki Sixx of Motley Crew, and then inked
her own cosmetics deal. Fans were lining up outside of Sephora in
cities nationwide just to get a glimpse of the tattoo artist when this
brand was first released. Turns out, the product is well worth the
wait. The color is awesome; it doesn’t bleed and looks pin-up doll
perfect when on, even after a night of partying hard.

Tarte Borba Nutraceutical Lipstick in Vinyasa, $22, at
felt better as a person slipping on this stick. The spiritual names and
natural ingredients may be a marketing tactic of Tarte — but they
work. This is a pretty color, strong going on and no bleeding to match.
I loved the healthy look of my lips. Namaste.

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color in Audace, $30, at
love the Chanel brand, and when I asked for something from the House of
Chanel for Christmas this year, Santa brought me this little tube. I
love the color and creamy dreamy way it stays forever on my lips. And
the darling packaging comes with a cool, click-y applicator with the
word CHANEL etched into the stick. You’ll feel and look like a woman with one wipe on la bouche.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red, $14, at
My old favorite. My cosmetic confidante. Even though I strayed for a
bit, I’m back now and more loyal than ever. Nobody can [mess] with MAC
Russian Red. It goes on gorgeous and stays on strong. Red lipstick
devotees, take note!

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Contributed by: Jess Zaino

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