Recreate Beauty Products With A Few Simple Tricks


Raise your hand if one of these applies: 1. You missed out on the CHANEL Khaki nail collection. 2. Your favorite lip shade has been discontinued. 3. Your wallet is just not cooperating with your beauty desires.

No worries! With a little cash (time + creativity), or a simple call/click of the mouse, you can recreate, or replace your favorite product.

Option 1: Make It!

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Head to a hardware store and beauty supply store and pick up: cheap, thin paint brushes, clear Elite mini jars, small funnels, Japonesque professional paint box palettes, Mattese Elite basic eye shadow brushes and disposable nylon lip brushes, and Face Secrets Professional Cosmetic Blending Spatulas. Then have a picture or the actual product on hand for reference.

Eye Shadow Crush a brown, blue, green or beige eye shadow into your paint box palette and add shadows in various colors/finishes till you hit the jackpot.

Nail Polish Start with a blue, purple, green or red nail shade. Then add shades like white, grey, silver, pink, multi-colored glitter or black into your clear jars. Transfer the winner into an empty nail polish bottle.

Lip Colors Take current lip shades that are almost finished, scoop them out of bottom of the tube, and add to your paint box palette. Then add lip shades like gold, pink, brown, red or orange.

Option 2: Get it custom made

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Have Three Custom Color make products for you. The company will recreate concealer, lip, eye or cheek colors from a sample, or custom-blend.

Option 3: Use a locator service

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You can find products from NARS in the Vintage section of CHANEL has a service, (800) 550-0005, that will search its boutiques for a discontinued item and call within 24 hours if it’s located. For Este Lauder brands (e.g., Clinique, Bobbi Brown, MAC etc) try their Gone But Not Forgotten program 1-800-216-7173.

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