10 Real Girl Halloween Makeup Looks You’ll Love

Rachel Krause

Half of the fun of Halloween is seeing what original—or just well-executed—costume ideas other revelers have come up with. Ahead of the holiday, we scoured Instagram to gather 10 of our favorite “real girl” Halloween makeup looks to serve as both inspiration for our own costumes as well as simple eye candy. Whether you’re devoting hours of time to perfecting your look or opting for one of our never-fail easy last minute costumes, check out these 10 awesome looks from professional makeup artists and regular people alike.

Half sexy, half scary, @caitamine offers a solid Halloween makeup option for girls who can’t make up their minds.

It’s a little farfetched, sure, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Katy Perry had @liezelartistrii in mind when she was penning “Roar.”

@natalieftaylor‘s crazy-eyed Cheshire Cat look reminds us that we’re all mad here.

We cannot get over this seriously impressive special effects look by @vivianeirismarie.

This vintage doll face on @evitakrevneva will give us nightmares for years to come, making it a true Halloween costume success story.

We don’t know how @_ashtonwood_ managed to pull this one off, but she actually succeeded in making classic skull makeup kind of pretty.

This Lichtenstein-inspired pop art makeup by @taylormariisa is on point.

@mkmmakeup blows most other Day of the Dead makeup we’ve seen out of the water.

This “ice princess” look by @wehaveuhoh is unconventional but super pretty.

This foxy look by @beckie_lorraine is too cute.

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