Read My Lips


Remember the Barbara Walters interview with a certain Monica Lewinsky and how, ironically, the focus ended up being on her lipgloss? Women across the nation dialed into CNN not to deliver scathing political commentary regarding the interview, but wanting to know what lipgloss Lewinsky was wearing (in case you’re still wondering, it was Club Monaco Glaze Lipstick, with the Club Monaco Bare lip pencil underneath). Sad? Maybe. But then again, the perfect lip-gloss is hard to find. The texture, shine, color all have to be juuust right.

This morning I was at the Casadei shoe spring preview and found myself–just as I was on March 4th, 1999–staring unabashedly at a woman’s lips. This time the woman was my friend, publicist Nicole K, and she didn’t mind sharing her secret. The lipgloss in question is Victoria Secret’s Candy, Baby. It is shiny without being gooey, sparkly without being glittery, and sheer without being clear. I’m definitely going to be braving the Soho crowds this weekend so that I too can score myself some of this magical gloss.

Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss, $7, at

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