Raychel Wade Talks La Prairie, Makeup Counters and Mistakes


Raychel Wade, founder of Cheek to Chic (a personal approach to the art of makeup) and La Prairie‘s Colour Ambassador spoke with me about La Prairie’s Boquet de Jardin colour collection, what’s in women’s makeup bags and how to maximize your experience at a makeup counter. Read more for summer makeup tips, her skincare regimen and what to splurge on at the counter!

Summer makeup is always a challenge due to the heat. What products should women use during the summer months?
I like to do on the lid, something crease-less. A crease-less or water-proof shadow. I also like to use powder liners so it won’t run as much. A cream blush with then a translucent powder over it to mattify. And lastly, just a simple lip gloss.

If a women has five minutes to run out the door, what beauty necessities should she bring with her? Do you have any favorite beauty items?
To carry with them, a lip gloss, a bronzer, a cream blush and a concealer. Cue my makeup bag! I use a Mac concealer, La Prairie’s radiance cream blush in plum glow, Diorshow mascara and Clinique’s bottom mascara which, I swear is amazing! My bronzer I left at home, but I use NARS Laguna. And then I carry around 2 lipglosses. I have La Prairie’s berry glace and NARS Wonder. I do two totally different colors but I make sure they both compliment the blush.

La Prairie represents beauty that starts with gorgeous skin. What skincare regimen do you suggest women follow?
At night, washing your face but I’m a really big believer in using a washcloth. They are a really good step. At La Prairie we always say a serum, an eye cream and a moisturizer. That sort of covers all your bases. In the morning, I tend to be less maintenance. I don’t wash my face as much in the morning, that is where the moisturizer and SPF come in to play.

As the Color Ambassador, what are your favorite La Prairie products?
I love, love, love our three-minute peel used with our resurfacing cream once a week. It’s the do-it-yourself facial and takes three minutes! Then I use the resurfacing cream with it, but they don’t have to be used together. I have them on top of each other in my medicine cabinet and that’s where they live. Our radiance eye cream is another one of my favorites. I just think it makes my skin feel really soft. And lastly, our Bouquet de Jardin Colour collection. Which is the newest La Prairie collection and their first color collection.

You talk a lot about how women get their makeup done at counters and then when they get home, they have no idea how to replicate the look. What do you think this is about?
I think a lot of it has to do with the experience at the makeup counter.You’re sitting at the makeup counter, getting your makeup done and there is no mirror there for you to look at. It’s not an environment where you’re asking a lot of questions. You buy all the products and then after, the first time you wash your face, it’s gone and you have nothing to refer back to. If you don’t have a face chart, written instructions or if you’re not holding up a mirror, you will never be able to replicate it. But, I do think women have the skills to learn.

Is there a way women can maximize the experience?
The best thing to do when you go to a makeup counter is be armed with what it is you want to do. So if you’re looking for new fall colors, that’s not going to help the person behind the counter. You have to give them some advice. For example, if you want to try liquid eyeliner because you’ve seen it on everyone else and it looks so great, then when you go to the makeup counter, tell them that’s what you want to learn to do. Ask them for a mirror to hold in your hand, and for a best case scenario, have them do one eye and then you do the other.

Do you believe that women need to purchase all the products used?
No, I just think you have to pick out what you really need. Think about what you already have at home. Sometimes people behind the makeup counter get the same questions all day long. So, you’re not going to get the best service. You’re just one of many people asking the same questions like “what colors are good for me?” and it will drive them crazy. The last thing they want is someone to come up and say “well you’re an expert, what should I do?,” It’s just very off-putting. So if they try 20 products on you and it’s going to cost hundreds of dollars you don’t want to spend, tell them you are going to buy 5 products, they will pick out the ones they think you really need.

What items do you suggest they splurge on?
I think it’s more about what’s important to you. Like if mascara is really your thing and you fall in love with a mascara that ‘s $40, buy the mascara. Or if skin is your thing and you find a foundation that’s a bit more money, then that is where you should splurge.

Lastly, what is the most common error women make that you find when looking through their makeup bags?
Often, women have 3 powders or multiple lip glosses of the same color but from different brands. It’s always best to know what products you really love and stick to those.

For more information on Raychel’s partnership with La Prairie, visit Cheek to Chic!

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