Raquel Zimmermann: Beauty Chameleon

Raquel Zimmermann: Beauty Chameleon
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It’s no secret that Raquel Zimmermann is Fall 2011’s top model. The girl has made editorial appearances in almost every international edition of Vogue within the month of August alone. So now I’m going to get all philosophical and beg the question; why?

And here’s my answer: models have to be able to change their looks indefinitly, and Raquel seems to be the queen of this. She can go from sporting a bright orange wig la Alice in Wonderland one minute to modern-day modette with sleek blonde locks and a bright red lip the next. No matter what kooky character she may be playing, she always manages to look amazing.

Click through to see my three favorite looks from this beauty chameleon.

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I bought the August issue of Vogue with the sole intention of ripping out this page and hanging it on my wall. Let's just say that if someone tried to put an orange wig and a thick, dark brow on me, the outcome would not be that whole "whimsical beauty" thing Raquel is so pulling off.

Another editorial, another wig. I love the bright purple take on the mod, 60's eye.

Red head, brunette, and now blonde - Raquel's got every hair color covered. She looks stunning in minimal makeup save for that bold, red lip. I also need to try styling my hair like that for fall, all it seems to take is some slicking back and a little curling iron action.

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