Raising Eyebrows and Blood Pressures


The New York Times today wrote an article about how not having eyebrows is set to be the new trend for fall this year. Unless you had an unfortunate cooking debacle (involving popcorn, Pam, or vodka sauce), or are the creepy goth chick from your 11th grade bio class…we fervently hope this does not catch on.

Fashion is cyclical, and often goes from one extreme to another, but going from Brooke Shields to the dude from Powder just might not be the way to go. The NYT‘s evidence for this trend came from Adriana Lima in the fall Givenchy ads (she’s usually hot, right? We can’t remember now), and the Mona Lisa. (We don’t care how iconic…her smile is just a tad creepy anyway.) They then continue to suggest the economic crisis could be a factor that comes into play…not sure if that was sarcasm? It’s one thing to rock the alien look like Gemma Ward does…quite another to emulate an extra from Alien vs. Predator.

Bottom line: If everyone shaves off their eyebrows (tweezes, waxes, Nairs, whatever), the world will just look like clones of every Housewife from New Jersey before their noon cocktail. We beg you. Don’t.

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