Rachel Roy Talks About Her Inspiration for Her Eye Palette

Amanda Elser

Everything about Rachel Roy’s new day to night eyeshadow palette was intentional. From the water-coloredEvil Eye on the cover of the flip down compact, to the 10 carefully selected names on the inside – Rachel thought it out through-and-through and we have to say that her attention to detail certainly paid off.

The 10 day-to-night shades are completely wearable, silky smooth colors and for those slightly challenged when it comes to applying eye makeup (like me) the back of the palette has QR codes that will direct you to an online tutorial to help you achieve Rachel’s signature eye.

Speaking of Rachel’s statement look, we found out last night at the launch of her new palette the secret to her makeup look.

“Smokey eye is the answer to everything,” she explained. “I am not one to cover up my wrinkles, but I can with my makeup.”

Rachel said her love of the smokey eye comes from her Indian heritage.

“My aunts on my dad’s sidedidn’t have much: beautiful Saris, plastic bangles up their arm and a full eye. Always, no matter what.”

But as for her love of makeup, that came from playing dress up with her brother.

“He was my first victim,” she said. “I would style him, but it wasn’t complete without a look.”

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