How to Pull Off Purple Lipstick

Megan Segura
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to purple lipstick, there seems to be a big divide. There are those that will wear it happily (and look amazing doing so) and there are those that won’t go near it. Camilla Belle wore a great pinkish purple shade on the red carpet and reminded us all why we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the color. If you want to pull off the bold shade, try these tricks.

1. Make bronzer your friend.
Purple lipstick (like all dark lipstick) can make your skin look ghostly pale in comparison. Try using a light bronzer in place of blush.

2. Go easy on the rest of your makeup.
Purple lipstick is striking enough on its own without the use of a heavy eye or bright blush. Keep everything else minimal to make your lipstick stand out on its own.

3. Take the time to find your perfect shade.
You can’t just pick up any shade of purple lipstick and expect it to look good. Just like a red lipstick, you have to find the shade that works for you. I was able to try out the purple trend recently when I visited the Bite Beauty Lip Lab. Their lipstick mixologists whipped up a few custom colors for me to try, so I could find one that worked with my skin tone and eye color.

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