Punch Up Your Holiday Color!

touchback temporary hair color Punch Up Your Holiday Color!

I get questions from my guests in the salon all the time about ways they can make their hair color a little bit more dramatic or dimensional. At the same time, most women want their hair to look very natural for every day. A solution I am so inspired by is temporary hair color.

If you saw my post, with a Flip Video clip, about TouchBack a few weeks ago you know how excited I am about this product. Whenever I can get my hands on something that is new and exciting I just can’t put it down–that has definitely been the case with TouchBack. It is a temporary hair color in this genius marker-like applicator that you can use to cover up your grays instantly with no stickiness or flaking. It’s amazing not only because it covers the gray and is so easy to use but because it looks and feels like professional salon color!!!

Since I have been obsessed with TouchBack, I have been trying to use in all sorts of different ways. One of them is for giving hair color some extra drama without the commitment of permanent hair color. For example, I have used it on blondes to give dark blond, light brown or red variation in the hair, which looks amazing when the hair is styled up or in a ponytail. I have also used black or deep auburn shades on brunettes for similar dimension and movement.

The great thing about a temporary color like TouchBack is you can be as creative and expressive as you want to be. When you are tired of the look (or even if you put it in and decide you want to change it) all you have to do is shampoo! That’s it! MAJOR!!!!

The trick to getting the look you want is to choose a couple of shades. Remember the closer you stay to your current shade the more natural your additions will look–the farther you stray the more drama and excitement!!! After you choose your shades, start with a section about the size of a pencil eraser somewhere in the interior of the hairstyle (not on the part of coming off your hairline). After you apply you can gauge your work–if you like it, go ahead and add more or make the pieces bolder and bigger. Have fun with it!!!

I would love to see some pics of your holiday hair after trying out TouchBack!!!! LMK.

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