Protect Your Hair From Sun & Surf At The Beach

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Summer fun can lead to dry, frizzy, damaged hair. Here are some easy ways to keep your hair healthy all season long from our friends at HollywoodLife.

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Lounging by the pool, splashing through the waves and just walking around your neighborhood can expose your hair to harmful chemicals and UV rays. “Sun can fade out color and dry out your hair,” says celebrity hair stylist Angela Cosmai. Similarly, “the chemicals in chlorine can turn blonde hair green and strip the hair of its natural oils” causing the hair cuticle to crack and split ends to pop up. If you want to have enviable, Kourtney Kardashian-like hair through the end of summer, follow these easy tips from Angela before hitting the beach!

  • “I always recommend sunscreen for your hair,” Angela says. Look for leave-in conditioners and sprays with beta carotene and green tea. Both “coat the hair shaft making it harder for sun, chlorine and salt water to break through.” Sunscreen sprays also help prevent color treated hair from fading. Try Oscar Blandi Capri Sun-Shield Spray or Kerastase Aqua-Seal.

    • All hair types should apply a thick conditioner to dry hair and pull your hair into a ponytail or a bun. The conditioner moisturizes your hair and makes it difficult for chlorine to penetrate your strands. Try Angela Cosmai Vanilla Bean which is filled with soy protein, jojoba oil and to hydrate thirsty strands.
    • If you’re a blonde and enjoy swimming in the pool, rinse your hair with a special at home mixture to avoid hair from turning green. Mix a pint of spring water and a teaspoon of baking soda to get all the chemicals out. “You can do this as many times as you go swimming, daily, weekly,” Angela says because it will not harm your hair and removes hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite (the chemicals that cause your hair to turn green).

    Contributed by Erin Swan

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