A Guide to Caring For Your Bright Hair

A Guide to Caring For Your Bright Hair
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Bright hair colors have been trendy for awhile now, with models like Charlotte Free and Chloe Nørgaard breaking onto the fashion scene in 2011 and 2012 respectively and pretty much shocking us all when designers wanted to book them for shows and ad campaigns with their bright hair – when typically, most shows would never cast models that stuck out quite so much.

Now bright hair is almost (almost) commonplace, and with so many people going for the bleach and bright color dye jobs, we had to spill our knowledge about how to care for your strands as you try to maintain your color. Trust us – the color is fun – and while it is a bit of work to maintain, you won’t regret it. But, make sure to invest in some great moisture masks and color care products along the way so that you don’t end up with a pixie cut afterwards. You can thank us later!

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