Our 10 Favorite Primers With SPF To Use This Summer

Our 10 Favorite Primers With SPF To Use This Summer
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Of all the things women wish for, the ability to wear less makeup without having to sacrifice looking great is one of the most important. Especially during the summer, when the appeal of rolling out of the bed and onto the beach is high, it’s hard to swallow the harsh reality that we need a little help from our makeup bags to look fabulous. For this reason, we get overly excited (and rightfully so) when a product comes along that allows us to skip a step in the morning. Enter: Primers with SPF.

Previously known as the reason our makeup can stay in place for an entire day, primers are now being made with SPF built in, which is fabulous for two reasons. First, you don’t have to apply another sunblock to your face. Second, the oily sunblocks that have made you break out for years can now not be used on your face thus resulting in less acne, and a lighter feel throughout the day. Naturally, we sorted through the lot of primers containing SPF to find the best ones around for you. We promise if you give them a shot, your face will thank you this summer.

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