The Best Eyeshadows You Need to Try Now

The Best Eyeshadows You Need to Try Now
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When it comes to eyeshadows, we’ve been burned enough to know that not all are made equal: Products promise you the moon and then deliver lackluster color payoff, a formula that creases within fifteen minutes of wear, or a finish that’s more shockingly disco-ball than office appropriate. Not cool.

It’s high time to ditch the trial and error game, because we’ve got you covered—we’ve rounded up the best eyeshadows that you need to try now. (Like, yesterday.) Each of these formulas passes the tests for blendability and color payoff with flying colors, and they also come in a vast range of colors, so you’ll never be left wanting for something more. No matter what you’re looking for in an eyeshadow (or, perhaps more importantly, what your budget is), you’re sure to find something you love in these cream of the crop picks.

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