Editorial Ethics Pledge

Rachel Hayes

Every day our editorial department is inundated with products sent directly by beauty manufacturers for review. Our team sifts through hundreds of new hair, makeup, skincare, fragrance and nail products each month and tests them personally. Our editors have a combined 20 years worth of hands-on product testing knowledge and know how to spot a good product when they see it. Texture, effectiveness, wearability, color payoff, scent, value, packaging–all of these factors and more are under scrutiny the second a package is opened. We prefer to write about what we love, not what we hate, which is why you’ll find our editors’ reviews are positive.

Our editors are also invited into salons, spas, dermatologist offices, makeup boutiques and other beauty destinations to meet experts and try out new services. Free services will never compromise our coverage. If we don’t like the experience or results, then we won’t cover it on DailyMakeover.com.

DailyMakeover.com’s marketing program may integrate sponsored content into editorial features. When this is the case, there will be a clear message explaining that the content is coming from an advertiser. We promise to always be forthright about advertiser relationships.

We welcome your feedback and opinion on all of our content. Please contribute to our product reviews, speak up when you see a write up you love — or even hate– and let us know if you’ve tried something we haven’t covered and think we should check out. You may email our editors at editorial@dailymakeover.com.

Have a beautiful day,

The Daily Makeover Editorial Team

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