New Product Obsession: Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish

Augusta Falletta

For my entire life, I’ve been a huge advocate for traditional nail polish (and for awhile, I’ve had no choice besides the old stand-by product). After receiving a gel manicure from some of the lovely ladies over at Red Carpet Manicure, I’m now a total Gel Manicure believer. The list of advantages to the at-home system was literally jaw dropping, and as if I couldn’t love Red Carpet Manicure any more, they’re coming out with four new transformative shades for the summer.

With over 50 choices for polish and the ability to layer, mix and match to create your own personal color, you’ll always be able to find your desired shade. The manicure will last weeks, and if you’re someone who gets a bored with a polish after a few days, the new Transformative ‘Shimmering Nights’ Collection will be a staple for your polish wardrobe. The limited edition collection, designed to gleam in the sun and glow at night, will be available May 15th online and in stores. ‘Dressed for Success’ gives your polish a hint of purple shimmer, ‘Perfect High Heels’ becomes a lime green, ‘My Shimmering Gown’ transforms into teal, and ‘Make Up Time’ (my choice for a shimmering mani) finishes your polish off with every girl’s perfect glitter look.

If you’re still not convinced on our new nail obsession, there are a million more reasons to love Red Carpet Manicure. To test out a polish, you can swipe it on to your nail and simply wipe it off (without remover) before you cure the polish. The gel manicure won’t ruin your nail, and it will allow your nail to grow stronger while it’s on. Best of all, the light used to cure the polish only takes 45 seconds and uses LED light instead of UV light, meaning no damaging rays.

Become a believer yourself and have an affair with Red Carpet Manicure – you won’t be disappointed.

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