Your Next Purchase Should Be Medicated Concealers

Julia DiNardo

Maybe it was that large order of French fries you indulged in yesterday, or perhaps your stress level could be to blame. Either way, you’ve now got a massive, red, angry pimple on your face, and you immediately frantically begin to dig in your bag for the concealer. Later tonight, you may use some spot treatment to dry it up, but doesn’t it just make sense if you had a product that treated and concealed in one? We think so too!

Welcome to the wonderful world of medicated concealers, and once you find the right one, there’s no going back. We have picked seven of our most favorite, tested medicated concealers that range in ingredients and strength. From a little to a generous dose of salicylic acid, lavender oil, tea tree extract, green tea, zinc oxide, and more, you can guarantee the retreat of pesky pimples and look forward to clearer (and in the meantime concealed) skin.

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