What Beauty Products Our Favorite Bloggers are Thankful For

Julia DiNardo

Out of the dozen or more products that we use on a daily basis, every person has to have that one lifesaving item, the go-to, the end all, be all, the cherry on top, the number one beauty product that, if it were to be discontinued, the mission would be taken up to locate and buy every single piece of it any store had in stock. Know what we mean? Of course you do; you might be putting on yours right now!

In lieu of cooking up a Thanksgiving meal at Beauty High, we decided to put together a feast for the eyes not of turkey and stuffing (or tofurkey, or turducken, or whatever you like to eat), but rather of amazing beauty products, courtesy of nine fabulous fashion and beauty bloggers, who told us what beauty items they are most thankful for. Click on the slide show above to view all of the products, ranging from mascara, fragrance, foundation, and a lash comb.

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