Twilight’s On-Set Makeup Hero: Aero Minerale

Rachel Adler

Airbrush makeup has always seemed a little bit daunting (Does it land on your clothes? In your hair? Will it spray evenly?) but the founders of Classified Cosmetics’ Aero Minerale makeup mist have created a mineral makeup spray that not only works, but is coveted by none other than the makeup artist talent behind Twilight.

When the set makeup artists were looking for a makeup formula that would stay put through long shoot days and water scenes, they came across Aero Minerale – and ended up using over 1000 cans during shooting. The line includes 10 different shades of mists, from foundation to primer to bronzer.

Creator Yolanda Halston has been a professional makeup artist for over 20 years, using her experience in the industry to help create the line. Halston recommends simply shaking the can and holding 6-8 inches from your face and spraying an even mist in a zig zag motion to lightly coat (if it looks like you’re wearing makeup, you’ve gone too far – the goal is a light touch)!

Halston also notes that if you’re a little nervous about the airbrush application, the product can be spritzed onto a brush or sponge and applied as well — I absolutely loved the light texture of it, and while I was adjusting to using a misting can, applied with a sponge at first.

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