Sonia Kashuk Talks Spring Trends And How To Wear Coral

Rachel Adler

Sonia Kashuk, the makeup guru who brings high quality yet ever-affordable products to my favorite store, Target, walked me through her spring collections this morning, and lets just say we have good things in our future. With palettes full of corals, shimmery brights and neutrals Kashuk’s line has something for everyone and includes instructional pamphlets. What more could a girl want?

Well, I of course wanted details. I chatted with Kashuk about her inspiration for her products, how to wear that horribly frightening coral, and what her makeup must haves are. Read on below!

First of all, will you tell me about your colors for your spring line? Everything is so bright, shimmery and beautiful!

You know it’s bright but it’s wearable. So there is a big difference with that. I find that most women, not everybody, love shimmer and I think coming out of this dark I feel like Lady Gaga coming out of her cocoon all us are coming out of this dark, dreary, cold, long winter and that when you see these bright colors they just make you feel better and they make you feel like ‘Oh my God spring really is coming’ when you start seeing it filtering around. Even versus the pinks, because pinks are a makeup palette color all year round, coral really represents spring/summer, so I think that’s why there is such a “wow” factor to coral for this spring/summer launch. And I think that there is that juxtaposition of neutral which is like that black dress or white shirt, then there is that color palette, which is a fun accessory. I always try to interpret color in the most wearable way where it’s not going to be neon pink eye shadow, or Kelly green. It looks great on the pages of a magazine but I try to take what’s happening on trend and make it wearable. So I am not too trendy, because at the end of the day, I will take a room and I always look around and no matter what it is, no matter if I’m on an airplane or in a room with 1200 women I always look around to see what makeup they are wearing. And it’s very rare that I see Kelly green or turquoise. So I try to know what’s happening in the fashion world but interpret it to the real world.

For each new collection you develop, where do you get your inspiration? Is it from the real women you see?

I think it’s a combination of a lot of stuff. I think that I try to stay current. I know what is happening in the fashion scene and I think after so many years, 30 years of being in the beauty industry you see cycles that happen and as much as there is new, there is still that cycle that you know has kind of a repeat performance. And then you start going a lot on instinct and on gut. I have to say that I do a lot on gut, and I don’t go to trend reports, I don’t go to a lot of those things, I kinda go to the street. I go to the magazines, I go to stores, but so much of it I have to say is on gut.

Before you mentioned that coral is a huge color for spring. Everybody loves it but it’s a little bit hard to figure out how to wear it.

First of all if you can escape the fear of coral you can wear coral. Because I definitely think it’s mind over matter and I feel like everybody looks good in coral because it’s like that, as I keep repeating it’s like the dose of sunshine and everybody looks good in the sunshine. So I think that the key with coral is when you’re putting it on, such as with blush, go slowly and let it build slowly so you can find your comfort zone and the intensity of the color, and the same thing with the lip. You don’t have to take that lip right out of the bullet you can apply it with a brush so you can thin it out and again build the intensity that you want. And the lip gloss that’s the one thing that I think women will look at things in packaging and go “Oh my God” but understand that majority of stuff goes on quite sheer. Like it’s so much sheerer in application than it is in packaging.

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Everyone loves your brushes, they’re great quality and affordable. Do you have a top 3 that you recommend for everyone to have?

One of my most favorite brushes is what I call a multi-purpose, a small multi-purpose brush. I use if for eye shadows and I actually use it for touching up powder. If I want to control powder application, I will like literally position it exactly where I want it so I really can control it. I also like a crease brush for the eyes. And, I have to say another new favorite of mine that is just coming out is a pointed foundation brush and it’s great because you can really get in there and blend it all around even into the pores of the skin it applies, it blends and it buffs, and even once you get your foundation on with any color, you can go all over it and buff it out. So I feel like if you have a couple eye brushes, I think that small multi-purpose brush, the crease brush and then something where you can get in with the smudge line or a line of some sort, something that can give you a more controlled application at the lash line is beautiful and of course you can use blush brushes, and you can get into that.

What are your 5 must have products to carry with you in your makeup bag?

Foundation, for sure, I would say a blush, an eyelash curler, because even if I don’t have mascara on I feel like it definitely helps me out, my taupe brow pencil and a lip.

And lastly, what’s your favorite lip color to wear?

I definitely have a variety of them, like today even I have Mauve-y which to me is like if I could tell women ‘okay here’s another great basic’ it’s great, it’s like that color that looks good, if you lined up 50 women it’s going to look good on everybody, so again it’s more of a makeup bag universal must have than a trend so I kind of have my four basics, and then I pop it with a few trend colors.

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