Nail Innovations: Plain Old Nail Polish is Old News


To me, nothing is better than a great manicure. I like going all out: glitter, patterns, textures, gels…. Luckily, the nail art industry is producing constant innovations fast enough to please my experimental appetite. My new favorite trends, which include scented colors, magnetic polish, and revolutionary gels, are all exciting nail frontiers to try this fall.

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When it comes to scented nail polish, the smells can be a real make it or break it for me. I first saw the Tuff Scent ($14 each) bottle a few months ago and fell in love with the glittery confections and interesting aromas. This re-launched collection won over my heart when I took my first whiff of “Wish,” an iridescent, holographic shimmer with the most delicious pear fragrance. These polishes are the gourmet version of scented nail art with an array of unbelievably sweet scents. The best part? For each bottle you purchase, $1 will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness. (Tuff Scent Nail Polish, $14,

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If you have trouble creating intricate details with nail art pens, then magnetic polish might be your new best friend. LCN has a new line called Magnetic Nail Polish that takes nail art to a futuristic level. This amazing line comes in 8 colors ($9.90 each) with corresponding magnetic patterns (sold separately) that you hold over your nail, while wet. The magnets attract the metallic elements in the polish and arrange them into shapes. (LCN Magnetic Nail Polish, $9.90,

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On the gel front, Orly is launching their version of the gel craze with a new line called GelFX. This in-salon process is my favorite gel choice on the market. There are 32 colors to choose from, including many of the popular hues from the regular line. I used to stray away from gel polish, because the limited colors weren’t as exciting as I had hoped, and to make the long-lasting gel commitment, I have to be head over heels. Now, you can choose from a rainbow of brights and glitters that will not chip and do not look too thick on the nail. (Orly GelFX, $45,

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