Post-Travel Pick-Me-Up: Revive Your Skin

Rachel Adler

After a long weekend of chaotic travel and time with the family (i.e. stress) your skin typically is worse for the wear. You’ll either have some dry patches from that long airplane ride, a hormonal breakout or little red splotches — you know what I’m talking about.

To get your skin back to it’s clear and lovely state, it’s always nice to arrive home to your beloved products — because we all know you can’t take your full-size jars when you travel. The products that I’m loving right now to get my skin back into tip top shape are sjal’s kashmir saphir perfecting mask followed by the liquid vitamin lift.

The mask works to minimize pores, even skin tone and calm the skin while also helping to increase oxygen flow to the skin. After you apply the mask, follow with a light layer of the vitamin lift. The serum will help to provide a soft coat of nourishment to your skin while also hydrating, firming and toning.

While the above products are saviors, they are also pricey. My trick? Go to the website and click for free samples to test out the products first and make sure they work for your skin type. Good luck!

(Sjal Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask, $150,; Sjal Liquid Vitamin Lift, $255,

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