The Next Big Thing? Sweetly Scented Nails


When we were younger, we loved scratch ‘n sniff stickers and scented markers but now, as big kids or if you prefer to call yourself “adult” we have scented nail polish. Big companies like Revlon are trying to cover up the unpleasant scent of nail polish by adding sweet and fruity scents to the formula. The polishes smell less acerbic during application and sometimes carry a sweet scent for a day after application. Sounds good for my nose!

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Revlon brings you 8 fruity scented polishes at the sweet price of $5.99 each. The colors (left to right) are Beach (acid green), Ocean Breeze (metallic turquoise), Peach Smoothie (peach shimmer), Watermelon Fizz (sparkly red), Gum Drop (lilac), Grape Icy (Grape Purple), Cotton Candy (baby pink) and Bubble Gum (fuchsia). Gum Drop and Ocean Breeze are my top picks! Which are yours? Find it at your local drugstore.

136233 1311602864 The Next Big Thing? Sweetly Scented Nails

The newest brand to launch scented polish is Strangebeautiful. The Perfume polish is clear and has a scent of violet and leather that will follow you after application. It’s the easy way not to forget perfume, since it’ll already be on your nails! (Strangebeautiful Perfume Polish, $28

136236 1311603321 The Next Big Thing? Sweetly Scented Nails

Last but not least, Matesse Elite created a cocktail-scent inspired collection called Happy Hour! $5.99 each. The colors from (left to right) are Apple Martini (neon green), Tequila Sunrise (Burnt Orange), Hypnotic (bright blue) and Purple Passion (Magenta Purple). Buy them at !

What do you think of scented polishes? Will you try it?

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