Joanna Hillman: Beauty Essentials

Rachel Adler

Joanna Hillman, Senior Fashion Market Editor at Harper’s Bazaar can be spotted on pretty much every street style blog there is. Known for her signature blonde hair and red lip, the trendsetter explained that her lipstick of choice was discovered a couple of years ago in London and she hasn’t looked back since. She does admit though, that the look is hard to maintain, and “I’ll put Carmex or one of those lip conditioners on at the end of the day because I wear matte lipstick and it gets so dry. So, sometimes it helps to invigorate the color if you put just a tiny bit of Carmex on it.”

Hillman also shared her top five beauty essentials with us above, and of course the lip color that she can’t live without.

Photo:Stefani Pappas

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