Giorgio Armani Releases Summer Beauty Ads With Megan Fox

Rachel Adler

Megan Fox has been the topic of much controversy as of late with Shia LaBeouf running his mouth all over town, but now the stunning actress can be the topic of discussion for something a bit less scandalous. Fox’s Giorgio Armani Summer 2011 beauty ads are out, and utterly gorgeous.

From navy blue cat eyes to a light pink pout, the actress slash model can clearly pull off any makeup look. Although the images are a little too airbrushed and glowing, the makeup is flawless. My personal favorite is the bold navy cat eye, but the bronzed smoky eye is also equally stunning.

Giorgio Armani has also released their video campaign for summer, featuring Fox basically just posing in oh-so-sexy ways in various makeup looks, building from a taupe shadow all the way up to a red lip, and then back down to a bare face.

What do you think of both the images and the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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