Beauty Essentials: Jenne Lombardo

Rachel Adler

Jenne Lombardo, the founder of The Terminal Presents and the creative hand behind M.A.C & MILK is well known for her unique fashion style. She also has quite the eye-catching hairstyle (which she actually did herself on the set of a shoot) noting that “in the middle of the shoot I grabbed a razor and shaved it.” Now she maintains the style at Ric Pipino salon where her husband Ric cuts it, and stylist Sean Gallagher colors it. She still shaves the side though with a little help from Gallagher.

Not only is Lombardo undeniably chic, but she’s also a mom of three boys. I chatted with the busy mom about what beauty products get her through read on above for her essentials.

Photo: Jesse Lirola, FilmMagic

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