Back to School Beauty: Products That Will Last


I remember walking into my dorm bathroom and cringing when I looked in the mirror. The fluorescent lighting showed every flaw, the mirror had an inconvenient crack that cut my face in half, and the room was so tiny one person could barely fit inside. I made sure to stock up on a few combination beauty products that would last a long time and cover all aspects of my daily routine, so I could get in and out of there fast! For all of you heading back to dorms or shared bathrooms, we gathered some great, easy-to-use combo products that will simplify your getting-ready ritual.

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The new Allure Beauty Editor Palette by Sephora has all the makeup you could need for any occasion. The collection includes five palettes with different color schemes that were hand selected by the editors who contribute to the beauty bible, Allure. The bright shadows take you from season to season, while the nude tones are the perfect staples for layering. This amazing $34 set comes with a portable compact, which is great for travel if you decide to leave campus for a weekend getaway. (Allure Beauty Editor Pallete by Sephora, $34,

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Because dorm rooms can often be an eyesore, the Hello Kitty Graffiti 5-Piece Brush Set ($49) is a great addition to your makeup routine. The adorable kitty container covered in rainbow street art stands alone as a perfect accessory. The fact that it holds makeup brushes for every part of your routine makes this cute and convenient set a no-brainer. (Hello Kitty Graffiti 5-Piece Brush Set, $49,

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The e.l.f. Beauty School Blush and Bronzer Palette is a $3 makeup miracle. This palette saves you from having to lug around different bronzers and blushes by placing them together in one set. Can’t decide if you want to be rosy or tan? Blend these gorgeous colors for the best of both worlds. (e.l.f. Beauty School Blush and Bronzer Palette, $3,

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If an 8 a.m. class has you in a rush, don’t fret about your morning hair routine. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($39) serves as a dry shampoo and a volumizing hair spray that can drastically shorten your morning routine. The large container lasts forever, and you never have to worry that your hair looks dull and lifeless. This shine-enhancing, body-producing hair saver leaves your hair smelling as delicious as if you just stepped out of the shower. (Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $39,

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