Another “Stick On” Fad To Try Out: Dior “Velvet Eyes”

Amanda Elser

Although I’m fairly certain that pretty soon all of our makeup is going to be of the “stick and peel-away” variety, I am still willing to give Dior’s new stick-on eyeliner a go. Perfect for those cursed with a shaky hand and a deep desire 60s’ “cat-eye”, Dior’s “Velvet Eyes” comes in four different reusable options: two matte black options called”Effeft Velours”, one encrustedwith blackSwarovski micro-crystals called”Effeft Brilliant” and anotherembellished with a Swarovski crystal in the corner of each eye called”EffeftHaute Couture”.

Refinery 29 reports that Dior, too, is taking advantage of Fashion’s Night Out epic crowds by launching the eyeliner stickers at their New York City Dior Boutique. After tomorrow, they will be available exclusively at Sephora.

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