How To Stop Your Pedicure From Giving You Hepatitis B

Amanda Elser

As women, one of our favorite weekend (or mid-week, depending on how stressful your life is getting) activities is getting a pedicure. You get pampered, lotioned and painted all while reading the trashiest celebrity gossip magazine and not feeling the least bit guilty. Unfortunately, we may have some bad news about the pedicure that you’re looking forward to this weekend. Lately, there have been reports that more and more people are contracting Hepatitis B from their Sunday afternoon ritual, so we looked into it.

First off, the cause of Hepatitis B from a pedicure can be caused either by the tools that are being used on your feet and that are not  properly cleaned, or by the actual pedicure tub not being properly cleaned. When a tool is used underneath your nail, you’re susceptible to contracting a disease.

To ensure that your pedicure is healthy, make sure that the salon’s license is clearly posted to ensure you’re going to a qualified establishment. If it’s possible, bring your own tools with you to the pedicure. If you’re in a pinch and can’t bring your own, ask to make sure that the tools being used on your toes have been properly disinfected. Also, don’t shave your legs before the pedicure (this is less work for you, anyway) because this leaves your pores open and more venerable to contracting disease.

Some of the symptoms of Hepatitis B are yellow skin and flu-like symptoms. If you’re noticing any of these, head to a doctor ASAP and get yourself checked out.

Pedicures should be relaxing and stress-free – make sure yours stays that way!

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