Plastic Surgery Propaganda: Do You Care If Politicians Have Work Done?

Amanda Elser

The last time there was this much controversy over a plastic surgery procedure Heidi Montag was turned into a human Barbie, but this week in Egypt it was a politician’s cosmetic procedure that rocked the country to its core.  Anwar al-Bulkimy, a male member of parliament was busted by his own doctors for having a nose job and then lying about it. Anwar, a member of the extreme Islamist Nour party, claimed that he had been beaten by masked gunmen, when in actuality he had checked in for the elective surgery. It wasn’t until his surgeon called into a popular TV show that Anwar was caught in his lie, and since extreme Islamists don’t agree with vanity procedures, Anwar lost his job.

As Allure points out, this isn’t the first time a politician has been criticized for getting a bit of work done. From Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s reliance on Botox to Italy’s ex-premier, Silvio Berlusconi’s hair plugs; it seems as if politicians are just as vain as the rest of us.

But why does this bother us? We don’t mind when Joan Rivers undergoes hundreds of touch-ups, but even the thought of work on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi causes a political debate.

Does it bother you when you find out a politician has gone under the knife? Does it make you less inclined to trust them with our country’s affairs? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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