The Pixie Haircut: 12 Ways to Style Your Short ‘Do

The Pixie Haircut: 12 Ways to Style Your Short ‘Do
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If we had to rank haircuts in terms of how bold and daring they are, the pixie cut would be the obvious winner. Seriously, it takes some courage to ask your stylist to chop off your locks and watch as your long strands hit the salon’s floor. That’s why we’re especially impressed when some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous women show off a short crop—and look amazing while they’re at it.

After Beyonce, the latest celebrity to go for a tress transformation, debuted her super short style, we realized that not only is the pixie cut a gutsy, statement-making move, but it can also be pretty versatile. Here, 12 awesome ways celebrities show us how to style the pixie haircut.

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