3 Ways Pinterest Can Help You Lose Weight


Pinterest as a weight loss plan?

Good news, Pinners—Pinterest may actually help you shed some pounds. In Mitzi Dulan’s new book, The Pinterest Diet: How to Pin Your Way to Thin, the registered dietitian explains how you can create Pinterest boards that bolster your weight-loss efforts. “Pinterest can be a never-ending supply of healthy nutrition and fitness tips,” she says. “People get bored with the same workouts and recipes, and Pinterest helps them mix things up.” Think of it as free (and never-ending) weight-loss counseling!

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To jumpstart your healthy pinning, follow these nine Pinterest pages—Dulan’s “Workout Plans” board is one of them! And as for your own Pinterest account, Dulan shares these key tips for creating the most effective weight-loss geared boards:

Collect Pin-spiration
Everyone needs motivation, so put it all in one place. Start pinning a bunch of inspirational images onto a single board, says Dulan. This board will be your go-to reminder of your shape-up goals when you just want to quit.

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Revise Recipes
Grilled chicken and steamed potatoes look healthy enough, but the dish might be more caloric than you realize. Dulan suggests writing down how you would make the recipe healthier and lower-calorie in the description of your pin. It’ll be a helpful reminder for when you’re actually prepping the meal later.

Make Time For Pinning
The only way this weight-loss plan will work is if your page is constantly updated with new pins. Take about 10 minutes a day to add photos to any of your boards, says Dulan. Not only is this a fun way to de-stress, but you’ll also be finding new recipes to cook and different exercises to try. Don’t know where to start? Check out our Pinterest boards for ideas!

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