Get the Pink Hair Look You Really Want

Aly Walansky
pink hair


Pink hair is currently making its way into the spotlight and becoming more mainstream, thanks to numerous celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Jemima Kirke, Lauren Conrad and Katy Perry. If you aren’t ready to commit to going full-on with pink hair dye, there are some ways to test the waters first. Below, we tell you how to find your right shade and ease into the trend before taking the plunge.

Find the right pink for you:
First make sure the tone of pink is right for you. “If you tend to look good in cooler colors go for a more purple-based pink, and if you look better in warmer try out one with more red or orange in it,” says Meri Kate O’Connor, Senior Colorist at Eva Scrivo Salon. Your colorist will be able to help you determine which shade looks best for you, as well as how vibrant the color should be.

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Ease into it:
Experiment with a very light pink glaze over your hair, like Kate Hudson recently tried, says O’Connor. Kate put a light pink over her golden locks which picks up on stronger or lighter pieces giving her a multi-dimensional pink but not being permanent. Typically something like this will last for a few weeks and gradually fade away.

“With most clients that want to try colors out, I do what Kate Hudson did and glaze their highlights with a tone, it’s a great way to try something for a few weeks,” says O’Connor.

Another great way to try this is with extensions, says O’Connor. January Jones and Rachel McAdams have both been seen with pink highlights, and extensions are an easy way of trying this. Clip-ins work for the non-committal since you can take them in and out on a daily basis, whereas extensions are more of a commitment but you don’t have to worry about taking them out.

Take the plunge:
O’Connor says for those that want to go full-on pink like Katy Perry or Jemima Kirke, it can take a little more work. It is important to go to a professional to ensure this is done properly since often times hair has to be pre-lightened to ensure the longevity of this color, because if done improperly they can fade quickly. It is also important to use the proper shampoo and conditioner with these colors to keep them long-lasting and bright, says O’Connor.

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