Jennifer Lawrence Laughs Off Being Called Fat

Shannon Farrell
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If you’ve read The Hunger Games novels, Jennifer Lawrence’s character Katniss Everdeen is described as a starving and, therefore, very thin teenager. We hope this is the reason people are criticizing the 21-year-old actress for being “chubby” when she is far from it! Good thing Jennifer has a sense of humor.

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“Jennifer told me, ‘This is hilarious. First, people say how so many actresses in Hollywood look anorexic, and now they are criticizing me for looking normal,’” a source close to the star told the Chicago Sun Times. “Thin body images are too often adopted by young girls and women thanks to what they are constantly being shown as being attractive.”

The actress has been described as having “lingering baby fat” by flim critic Todd McCarthy and as a “big-boned lady” by Jeffrey Wells. While Hunger Games fans have taken strongly to the criticisms, Jennifer has previously admitted that she is not like other women.

When she modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch, she took part in a football game before the group shoot to make the photo more authentic. But instead, her face wasn’t included in the final shots.

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“All the other girls are looking cute, modeling while playing football, and my face is bright red, my nostrils are flared, and I’m mid-leap, about to tackle this girl. I’m not even looking at the camera. The other girls were like, ‘Get her away from me’.”

A positive role model like Jennifer Lawrence is what young women need right now as even one of our favorite websites, Pinterest, is facing controversy over “thinspirational” images.

There has been a surge of women repinning uber thin women in bikinis and skimpy clothing. According to The Daily Beast, an e-card going around reads, “Pinterest: Thank you for making me want to work out like a complete psycho and eat desserts all night simultaneously” and a message reads “Sweat is Fat Crying.”

We admit the “thinspirational” messages are clever but with thin celebrities already all over the TV, the addition of unattainable body images on our favorite social media sites is becoming a little too much. Here’s to hoping we can find more Jennifer Lawrences in the world.

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