How To Choose The Right Hat For You

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Photo: © Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Renowned milliner Philip Treacy–who has designed hats for Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton–says people should choose a hat they feel good in.

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He told the Wall Street Journal, “The hat is a symbol of Englishness. It’s an expression of individuality and, as such, one should choose a hat that one feels good about. It need not be eccentric; the look could be subtle. Not matching is the new matching.”

Fellow milliner Stephen Jones–who has created headgear for Dior and Vivienne Westwood–has also issued a number of headwear tips, including advising people to carefully consider all sides of the a hat when deciding what to wear.

He advised, “Remember there are two sides and a back too! Wear the hat at home first, so you get used to the balance. Bobby pins are a hat’s best friend, but it’s even better to have your hat put on by your hairdresser if you can. Hats can be so many things, so don’t be afraid to try new styles and have fun!”

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