The Perfectly Painted Pout, Only a Product (or Four) Away


While lipstick always seem like a great idea, I all too often put on the latest must-have color just to immediately wipe it off, and it’s rarely because the tint is wrong. Usually lips are too chapped to show off the shade or the color bleeds. And, in those rare circumstances when the color goes on smoothly, the lipstick quickly fades away, leaving us back to square one. Do you even bother to apply again?

FACE atelier, however, claims that their new Effects Collection contains the solution to all pouting problems. For chapped lips, they recommend their Lip RX. A luxurious take on chapstick that moisturizes with essential oils, protects with antioxidants and UV protection, and even lightly tints. For bleeding color, they recommend their Lip Putty, which not only fills in the fine lines on and around the lips, which are the root cause, but also simultaneously hydrates with a combination of essential oils and vitamins. For gone-too-soon color, they even have a clear gloss, Lip Lock, that, they claim, will make your color last. (And for those of you who want fuller lips, they have a Lip Pout for you as well.)

Now, all you need is the perfect shade and you’re set.

FACE atelier Lip RX, $20; Lip Putty, $20; Lip Lock, $28; Lip Pout, $20;


Lip Lock and Lip Putty

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