Perfect Hair Color for Prom


Times have changed!

Last weekend Ted and I were just outside Philadelphia selling Ted’s brand new clip on hair extensions on QVC (which, I might add, he sold out of in 7 minutes!). On the drive home, I noticed a billboard advertising prom dresses and I had to laugh (when you see my prom picture you will laugh too!) because times sure have changed!!! Gone are the days of girls with natural hair color and floor length satin dresses.

Prom today is all about girls having the chance to live out a Hollywood glamour fantasy for one night. The dresses and hair are emulating what we see on starlets from the red carpet vs. the bridesmaid looking dresses of the 80’s and bridal party updo’s with curly tendrils hanging down on each side! I say right on girls! Live out that fantasy and have a great time doing it – as we grow up there are less and less chances to have a fantasy night out on the town – LIVE GIRLS! LIVE!!!

Perfect prom hair color is crucial to completing that starlet look. It can be as simple as taking a box of Natural Instincts from your favorite drug store to add sparkle, depth and shine or heading in to the salon for the advice and guidance of an expert. Either way keep in mind the hair color trends for the season.
If you are sporting a blond shade, to be on point you should stay on the cooler side. That means less golden and more sandy or beachy tones. Whether it is a single process or highlights – or both – a neutral looking blond is right on. Kate Moss and Heidi Klum are good example right now.

Brunette? Go for rich and deep color with hints of walnut or chestnut to be in line with the trends. Whether you make a bold statement with a single process like Katy Perry or something soft and glamorous like Anne Hathaway, you will be sure to be the belle of the ball.

If you really want to kick things up a notch and be a show stopper at your prom, there has never been a better time to be a red head. Now, more than ever, reds are making a chic, sophisticated fashion statement and are guaranteed to turn every head in the room. Remember this tip for going red: the lighter your complexion and eyes the more copper you can have in your red and the darker your complexion and eyes the less copper you should have – think red-red or ruby red.

Whatever you decide, have a blast!!!! And LMK

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