Pejazzling: Vajazzling Just Got Taken To A Whole New Level

Rachel Adler

127293 13058248212 Pejazzling: Vajazzling Just Got Taken To A Whole New Level

I admittedly never got into the whole “Vajazzling” trend it always seemed a little weird to me to be transforming your childhood Bedazzler toy and using it on your lady parts. But now, it has taken on a whole new form and is being used on men. Yes, you heard me. Men.

According to the Daily Mail, salons in England say that 40 percent of their rhinestone-wanting clientele are male. So, now they are offering a new line of crystal designs called “Pejazzle,” which are stick-on crystals for men of course. They are currently selling “manly” designs, such as an iron cross (the most popular) some red lips, and a silver diamond.

Time can only tell when the trend will hit stateside, and then the Vajazzlers and Pejazzlers can live happily ever after. And well, the rest of us, can too.

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