News: ‘Madam Secretary’ Star Patina Miller Talks Wellness; The Truth About Teeth Whitening

Victoria Moorhouse
patina miller

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Hungry? You will be after you read this interview with “Madam Secretary” star Patina Miller, who shares everything you’d ever want to know about her favorite foods. She breaks down what she’d eat on an ideal day, the foods she grabs pre-workout, and what she totally avoids. [The New Potato]

There’s more to teeth whitening that sticking on those strips. Here are a few facts you definitely should know before you dive into a new program that promises pearly whites. [StyleCaster Beauty]

Body shimmer isn’t totally antiquated. Demi Lovato wore a version of the sparkly stuff on the red carpet recently, and it worked. Find out how her makeup artist whipped up the concoction here. []

Give snack time a healthy makeover with these buys that are all under 150 calories. [Byrdie]

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