Pat McGrath’s Tips For Taking Runway Makeup to Reality

Rachel Adler

Pat McGrath, the makeup guru behind numerous runway trends and the creative eye for both COVERGIRL and Dolce & Gabbana, chatted with a few beauty editors last week about what trends she spotted (and created) on the Spring 2012 runways, and her tips on how to get them yourself.

Pat also unveiled the new COVERGIRL ad campaign featuring model Jessica Stam (who was sitting pretty next to Pat in an Alexander McQueen lace dress and Spellbound fuchsia lip) and showed us how the new campaign focused on runway trends, before diving in to the tips she had for pulling off the looks.

Below are the top tips we stole from Pat during the event – read on and start experimenting!

Doll-like lashes are in this season:

  • Pat used 10 layers of falsies at Louis Vuitton to the get the look she desired. Her tip for acing exaggerated lashes is to always apply mascara to your lashes first, and then add falsies – this will help them stay and look more natural.

A dose of brights:

  • Red eye lids may have shown up on runways such as Miu Miu, but Pat says it’s “about a flash of color, not about walking around with a full red eye.”

Natural, beautiful skin:

  • Beautifully bare skin is on trend for spring (and flawless skin will never go out of style). To complement the look, the trends of this season (such as full brows, brown mascara, bold lips and bright eye shades) pair fabulously with a matte skin palette. Pat loves using COVERGIRL Trublend and covering where you need with foundation, but not piling it on.

Brown lashes:

  • Pat recommends using brown mascara this season for a more natural look. For a trend that she’s calling “Soft Intensity,” Pat used a touch of black mascara at the roots of the lashes and finished with brown mascara at the tips to open up the eyes for a soft, lashy effect.

Statement brows:

  • The brows made a statement this spring season, either by being bleached out, or filled in. To get your perfect brow, Pat suggests using a pencil (make sure it is ultra sharp) and always brush through with an eyebrow brush after you’ve finished filling in. You can always go back over places after you’ve brushed them out. Also, your brow shape is all about maintenance — once you get the basic shape done by a professional it is a lot easier to maintain it from there.

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