Pat McGrath On Everything We Need to Know About Lipstick

Amanda Elser

When it comes to makeup, NO ONE does it better than makeup artist Pat McGrath. From runway to editorial she just knows what works on a model, so when we read Fashionista’s interview with her we soaked up every word.

Pat said the key to making lipstick last longer is the prep work that goes into your lips. She suggests gently buffing your lipstick and then apply chapstick for a “neutral moisturized base.” She also suggests using a lip pencil for an extra layer of color and finishing off the look by setting it with a loose powder. But what if you can’t decide what color to use?

She explained: “For fair skin: pinks, nudes and cherry reds without brown and yellow undertones accentuate the porcelain radiance of your skin…Medium to olive tones look beautiful in apricots, beiges and nudes with brown undertones such as CoverGirl Blast Flipstick in Cheeky. Dark skin tones look rich in various shades of mauve, red and berry such as CoverGirl Blast Flipstick in Flashy.”

And good news! We will be getting a lot more of these exclusive insider tips from Pat and the CoverGirl team as they release a series of how-to videos surrounding their spring launches like the one below!

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