Pas Comme les Moutons


The majority of Malcolm Edwards’ hairstyles that went down Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer 09 runway were off-the-wall and totally impractical.  There were crazy, messy topknots, funky hats and asymmetrical bangs. Edwards said that his inspiration was “demented Forties Flintstones,” which is all well and good on the runway but, let’s be honest, in reality you wouldn’t want to be caught dead with your hair looking like that.

However, was one look that did catch my eye. It was a gorgeous, bright orange headband worn with bangs and a high, disheveled bun. The headband reminded me of the designs of my new favorite headband designer, Pas Comme les Moutons. Their headbands are regal and luxe, while still managing to remain totally wearable and affordable. I discovered them on one of my favorite online shopping destinations and you can also find them on their blogspot,

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